3 1 a v g - 2 s e n 2 0 2 3

Stihia is an electronic music, arts and science festival.

The fifth Stihia is dedicated to energy. What is actually energy about? In fact, no one really perceives. There is a description of energy as a scalar physical quantity, but this is just a way to measure it. Time is also measured in seconds, but we do not know what time actually means. Therefore, our inquisitive mind, seeking to understand nature, twists deeper and deeper into the bowels of the quantum world, hoping to find answers that will explain the nature of energy, and therefore everything that surrounds us, including ourselves.


Biletlerdiń shıǵıw sáneleri


350,000 UZS
8-maydan 20-iyulge shekem

General release

450,000 UZS
21-iyulden 22-avgustqa shekem

Final release

550,000 UZS
23-avgusttan 31-avgustqa shekem