31 august — 2 september 2023

The sands and winds absorbed from the boundless expanses of Karakalpakstan caused Stihia to realise its nomadic nature, strangely concealed in it since the early days of its inception. Therefore, in 2023, the festival will expand its geographical boundaries, mastering new frontiers — from the deserts of Aralkum to the picturesque dunes beside the Lake of Tudakul, close to ancient Bukhara.

By no means does this change Stihia’s mission, given that development projects such as Stihia Gen remain in Muynak, as do its sustainable development agenda and radical self-expression.

The boundlessness of Stihia’s love for Muynak is comparable only to the immensity of our desire for an eternal inner quest. This explains our nature as a wandering nomad, striving one day to surely return to distant shores, where ships are silently waiting for us…

The new place is a giant canvas of 10 square kilometers of perfectly flat, table-like surface. It serves as field for the limitless amplifier of creative expression, by the sheer contrast of its absolute emptiness.

Therefore, like nature, which does not tolerate vacuum, we will all embark on another journey into the Great Unknown.

This is what Stihia lives for.